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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  March 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>>lydia: good evening. i'm lydia esparra. tonight bernie sanders and hillary clinton took to the stage for cnn town hall right here in the must-win state of ohio. they took turns tackling key issues like economic development and trade. scott mclane joins us live from the ohio state university. good evening, scott. >>reporter: hey, lydia. good evening. the democrat also off to spend most of their stage time laying out ideas, opting to skip attacks on each other. but meets bernie sanders nor hillary clinton held back when the moderators asked about the
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that recently have turned violent. >> donald trump is a pathological liar. >> donald trump is literally inciting violence with his supporters. he is saying if you go out and beat somebody up, that's okay. i'll pay the legal fees. that is an out rage. >> there's just so much of what he's doing that i think we all have to reject. because it is so at odds with our values. you don't make america great by tearing down everything that made america great. >> many of the voter questions at the town hall centered trained economy. they asked how the candidates would revive manufacturing in america's rust belt. >> we have to look how we keep a steel industry going. standing here tonight, i can't tell you exactly what that would look like. but i can pledge to you that i'm committed to keeping a steel industry and steel workers working in ohio and america.
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wanted to know what they would do about international trade deals. >> no rational person is talking about -- of course we're going to do trade. but trade policies have got to be policies that work for the >>reporter: lydia, one other exchange that really stood out tonight was when hillary clinton was asked by a man who wrongfully accused actually spent time on death row, about her support for the death penalty. clinton stood by her position, but she said that on the federal level, it should only be used the limited cases like mass shootings or terrorism. >> i know bernie sanders pulled off an upset last tuesday with that win in michigan. what are the chances he's going to do it again this super tuesday? >>reporter: so if you look at the polls, not very good.
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the poll also in ohio and also in florida. but bernie sanders thinks that the map from hire on out works to his advantage. hillary clinton seems to really have a lock on black voters in the deep south but bernie sanders says that he can add states like ohio, like illinois, california and new york state as well. hillary clinton's home state when she was a senator, to the win column. scott mclane reporting, thank you. to the poll also now, major shift, a cbs news poll shoals sanders ahead by two points in illinois. the former secretary of state leads poll also as scott florida. that same poll also shows trump and governor john kasich are tied in kasich's home state of ohio. in florida, a must-win state for senator marco rubio, trump leads by 20 points. rubio has dropped into third behind senator ted cruz. now in another poll from marist college and nbc, ohio republicans prefer governor john
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which is within the margin of error. ted cruz and marco rubio are distant third and fourth. ohio democrats favor hillary clinton by double digits. she's beating a bernie sanders 58-38%. now, hillary clinton made a surprise visit to northeast ohio to a church this morning. the event was kept under wraps over security concerns. denise zarrella coverage the clinton campaign. >>reporter: this was supposed to be a surprise campaign stop for hillary clinton at the mount zion fellowship church in highland hill also. but word that she would be attending here spread quickly. >> i am excited. i think that of all of the candidates, i think that her experience and her years of service have really prepared her to be president of the united states. >> once at the podium, clinton talked about much of what we have heard her address before, health care, jobs and education, but she was careful to point out
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here on her way to this campaign stop. >> when i was driving here, i saw a lot of the closed stores. the boarded-up buildings. because cleveland and the surrounding area hasn't recovered either. we need a concerted, dedicated effort to bring jobs and economic growth into places that are distressed. >> clinchton also addressed the issue of lead poisoning in children that's made headlines right here in cleveland. >> we got work to do in fixing up old houses so that children are not breathing or eating lead paint that will hurt their intellectual and emotional development. >> church members say they thought clinton selected their church for this unpublicized visit because of their diversity and concern about the issues facing ohio voters. >> i can't get there without your help. i need your help, your support,
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tuesday. >> her plans seem to be full spectrum. it wasn't just one item or another item. it was everything. it's health care and children and jobs and loans and schools, education. it was everything. >> from here, hillary clinton's campaign managers tell me she will make more stops in ohio, including columbus. in highland his, denise zarrella,. john kasich is gaining ground on the republican side. at least one poll has him tied with front-runner donald trump. shanice dunning is covering the case and joins us after a big rally today in strongsville. >>reporter: lidoia, following house town hall has night, kasich continued his campaign with more events today in strongsville and akron. >> yeah, i'm a republican. yes, i'm a conservative but before i'm any of that i'm an american. and that's how i intend to conduct myself as president.
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to ohio's primary, governor john kasich held another town hall event at earn felt recreation center in strongsville. >> i know what the formula is to fix the problems. >> kasich spoke to voters about his plan for the presidency. >> we will have a plan to fix social security by saying if you've had wealth throughout your life, you'll still get some but not as much as you thoughts so those that depend on it will be able to get what they need. >> and he promised that issues surrounding veteran care, health care and security would be top priorities. >> in everything i just mentioned to you will be sent to the congress of the united states in the first 100 days. >> kasich is vying for ohio and he plans to crisscross the battleship state up until the primary. after the strongville event, kasich wouldn't lieuation yea's italian restaurant to interact with more voters. >> this is a big deal. this could determine a lot of things of about where our country is going.
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how he brought us back from the brink of default. and how he's brought jobs into the area, the economy is turning around in ohio. he's a good man. >> i think of the candidates that are running, he's the best qualified to turn the country around. look at what he's done for ohio, just taking it on much larger scale. kasich is scheduled to have another town hall tomorrow morning in youngstown with jim trestle. shanice, thank you. cleveland 19 news with special expanded election coverage getting you ready to vote monday night, 10:30 on cle 43 and right here at 11:30 on cleveland 19. you can also read up on all the issues in the candidates on then on election night, results and analysis beginning with the mobile cast at 7:30, followed by expanded coverage on cle 43 and cleveland 19.
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19 news, consumer alert. find out why social media could be lowering your credit card scores. then the best way for your kids to avoid obesity by the time they reach school age. it's in tonight's health watch. beth? >>beth: lydia, dent da wasn't saturday. temperatures, however, are going to bottom out right around 50 tonight. but take a look. your future view temperatures for tomorrow, we start off in the 50s but we quickly make it into the 60s by lunchtime. but does it come with a little rain for your forecast? i'll explain coming up. i'm laura demaria. tomorrow on cleveland 19 news this morning, we're talking about this road closed sign and why it's such a big deal, but it's going to be moving out of the away in avon.
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>>lydia: welcome back. canton police have tracked down an 11-year-old girl who donated her entire allowance to help pay for bulletproof vests for k-9 officers. it followed the death of k-9 jethro during a robbery.
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police offering her allowance. and jethro's partner officer ryan davis wanted to thank her personally. but the envelope was missing and he had no way to contact her. davis asked officers around the state to help and they located alison. a missing garfield heights woman is back home safe right now. 25-year-old dementria watkins is developmentally disabled and vanished last night. police tell us she spent the night with friends and returned home tonight. that is good news. more good news for local commuters. all rta rapid service resume also tomorrow morning. crews have been working around the clock since thursday. they've been repairing an overhead electric source that powered the red, blue and green lines east of tower city. buses will still replace the trains until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. health watch tonight, parents, if you want your children to avoid obesity, give them a younger brother or
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a university of michigan study found kids with a sibling two or four years younger, three times less likely to be obese by first grade. than kids who don't have a younger brother or sister. here's the reason. might be that the child becomes more active running around with the second child. the study is in the april 2016 edition of the journal of pediatrics. and you've probably herald of the idea of keeping up with the jones also. in other words, spending more than you should to keep up with the pace of your friends and your neighbors. new research shows social media is making that worse. many social media users put a higher priority on their social standing than they do financial independence. and because they're on social media so much, they're flooded with stories of pricey trips, cars and other purchases. experts say limit your time on social media and remember, your friends probably have huge credit card debt.
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you need to follow along on, through twitter, through instagram. >>beth: enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having. >>lydia: post your pictures. send them up. kind of ugly today. saturday was good. >>beth: saturday was beautiful. >>lydia: tomorrow morning we'll get rid of some of these showers. right now, just the end on doppler max, heavier, out towards lake county, pushing off towards the northeast right now. little heavier rain coming through the area. then we have spots and pockets of some heavy rain. at least we have snuck in a beautiful saturday. today was kind of more of a wash. but you can see once we get through with this, then we're mainly going to be left with just some spotty showers in the landscape. some of this is pretty heavy, in case you work the overnight shift, heading out, going to be a little tricky going through i-90 through here or route 86, even through downtown cuyahoga county and making their way through strongsville, seeing a
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point. but once we're done with this round, we get a little lull in the action. not a lull all weekend, unfortunately. you can see when i put it up on the loop, we have a lot of clearing coming our way. already happening in columbus and cincinnati. rain showers dot the landscape. also good to know, although there's a lot of cloud cover now, there's also some clearing coming our way. so if we see a little more sunshine tomorrow, we'll actually probably zoom near 70 . but in the meantime did i leave it mostly cloudy for tomorrow. you can tell off towards our south, they're still dealing with some severe weather. those storms make it to us tomorrow afternoon, late in the day. better opportunity comes after the dinner hour, but here you go on future view, starting off overnight hours, just becoming spotty showers. a lot of cloud cover in place. so we don't totally get rid of the rain threat during the morning time, but it does diminish greatly. so if you want to get out and walk the dog before you go to work, you might come up against
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but for the most part will be a dry morning commute but damp out there you'll start seeing clearing, breaks in the cloud cover. right around lunchtime. should be about 60 at lunch. now if we see enough clearing, we'll easily be into the upper 60s. but if you are in one of these areas like sandusky where you're going to stay with the cloud cover, you'll stay cooler. return of showers comes greater as we go through the day. then by monday night, tomorrow, jeff will probably be talking about this cell coming through in the form of thunderstorm. knock too severe. however, could leave a lot of rain behind. today we got less than a quarter of an inch. by tomorrow when it's all said and done, some areas could see up wards of half inch. not worried about much flooding at this point but something we'll be watching. current temperatures, we're at 52 right now out of hopkins. probably drop down just a little bit further. akron at 54. canton and mansfield in low 50s. sandusky is in about the same ball parent everyone still seeing drizzle and light rain around.
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tomorrow, that chance of storms and the rain increases as we go through the afternoon. conservative. if you see enough sunshine, you'll be into the upper 60s. akron, you probably will top out tomorrow around 68 . so for first alert weather today, tomorrow, not the best day, better in the morning than the afternoon. tuesday, voter primary day, it's going to be gorgeous. but the threat of showers and storms returns in a little stronger storms for tuesday night into wednesday morning. so another first alert weather day morning commute wednesday is going to be a little tricky. but wednesday afternoon is going to be just fine. still in the 60s. we turn cooler on st. patrick's day for little lucky leprechaun and dry out next weekend. we're also turning a little cooler next weekend information the first day of spring. thank you, beth.
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>> cavaliers are back on staple center floor today after beating lakers other night, took on clippers this afternoon. clip without blake griffin, still pretty good. i thought they stopped being mickey mouse outfit when they got rid of donald sterling. steve ballmer still. jj reddick scoring. he put in 1 on the day. clips led by ten early but cavs came back amount of third
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he scored 17. put them up by 15 with that shot. they never let up. lebron driving. big stuff. 27 points, 6 rebounds, five assists for james. kyrie deep three. got it. and lebron loving it from the bench. then moments later, i love shumpert. this is right from 2 k something. crossover slam. cavaliers win 114-90. take on utah next tomorrow at 9:00. see it on fox sports ohio. back in time folks, get your brackets out. get ready to lose prone in your office pool also. that's what we do right? they were unveiled tonight. here's how they look in the east, north carolina will take on either fgcu or fairleigh dickinson. usc providence. indiana, chattanooga, kentucky to play stoneybrook. notre dame against tulsa. west virginia.
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xavier will play weaver state. suny penn loves xavier. >> i think right now the team that played the best in the state of ohio, that's definitely xavier. been playing exceptional basketball. they're a team that can make a good run to the final four and possibly -- i know they have desires of cutting the nets down. >> here's what the mid west looks like. virginia and a hampton. then texas tech and butler, purdue, little rock. and gaels of iona are going to try to upset iowa state. seton hall, utah, fresno state. dayton flyers, will play syracuse. michigan state against middle tennessee state. moving on, south region looks like this. kansas against austin peay. colorado against utah. california will play hawaii.
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vanderbilt or wichita state. buffalo cruise miami. temple versus iowa. villanova will play unc ashville. out west, oregon got the top seed. they'll play and beat holy cross or southern. st. joe, cincinnati is the eight niner. baylor versus yale. duke will play down there texas northern iowa. texas a&m against green bay. commonwealth. oklahoma to take on cal state bakersfield. going to be a quiz later. have those down pat. nit. they're going to play akron zips. are you kidding me? ohio state got three seed. zips are the sixth seed. they will square off tuesday night in columbus at 7:00. buckeye state.
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rivalries. ripped asun dear. probably not. tonight on sports zone, tom witnessers bud shaw join me to talk about many things, including brown's pursuit of kaepernick. >> based on the moves they made last week, why now would you get rid of 40% of offensive line? your top point maker on offense, now bring in a quarterback when you have the number two pick and considering taking one hotshot college guys, i just don't see the fit. >> i see that says nothing still prevents them from drafting a guy at number two. i'm thinking, money. >> common sense. i agree, bud. it's me, shaw wit there's sports zone coming up in just a few minutes. talking browns, cavs and march madness. valspar championship winner gets a free bucket of paint. didn't know if you knew that winner will be charles schwartzel. he beat bill haas in extra hole
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than the paint. little bit of money.
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>>lydia: okay. cam. light showers out there. more moderate showers out towards lake county. this will all be wrapped up, at least this round of it, by your morning commute. roads will be damp. cloud cover out there. in the mid 60s tomorrow.
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week ahead the next couple of days, we stay warm. start cooling off. but showers and storms on and off over the next four days. >>lydia: all right, thank you, beth. thank you for watching tonight. dominic mancuso editorial is next. good night. on tuesday march 15th, ohio voters will get to cast their ballots in our first winner take all presidential primary. last year, the legislature voted to move our primary back a week. and give all the delegates to the winner instead of parsing them out proportionally. that probably did not go unnoticed by governor and presidential contend are john kasich. what they should've done for the good of the country and maybe the governor is let ohio vote first. our primary system is broken and ohio can save it. in an excellent opinion piece in the new york times, political writer emma rauler makes the
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about 90 percent white. ohio more closely match it is demographics of the nation. it's racially diverse and culturally mixed with big cities, small towns and rural areas. we're a swing state that has a balance of republicans and democrats and it doesn't cost too much to campaign here. media costs are reasonable. giving underfunded candidates a prayer shot. but it probably won't happen. the parties have put penalty unless place for states that move their primaries up. cutting their delegates and our own secretary of state is on the record against it. still, it would've been nice to have had the chance to vote for a wider range of candidates if we wanted to. instead, we'll just have to take what's left after about 30 other states have had their say. in ohio first primary would be better for both parties and the country. i'm dominic mancuso and that's
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this bale of hay almost derailed the ranch. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding the owners were forced to place an emergency order of hay. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with a complete view of her finances, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business.
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>> from cleveland 19 news, the mcdonald's sports zone with tony zarrella starts now. the divorce finally finalize. the city held hostage. cleveland brown's put johnny in the rearview mirror. the former heisman trophy winner no longer associated with the franchise.they rolled the dice and lost big-time. good evening. i'm mark schwab in for tony zarrella. tom withers is the cleveland


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